Charles Aroutiounian Hue Menu 3


Charles Aroutiounian Hue Menu 3

Apple still hasn’t brought HomeKit support to the Mac, but if you’re a user of Philips’ Hue system, you have other options available. Charles Aroutiounian first brought his app for controlling Hue devices to the Mac five years ago, and now with Hue Menu 3 the app has undergone a major overhaul under the hood, and most significantly added TouchBar support for users of the newest MacBooks.

The app has also been rewritten from the ground up to incorporate Philips’ official Hue SDK so that you now get full syncing of scenes and groups, as well as increased responsiveness and a great new UI design. From the menu bar or TouchBar, you can easily turn on and off any of your lights individually or as a group, change their color or brightness, or activate a scene. The app also includes a dark mode so that it fits right in with the darker macOS styling, and there are also options for flashing lights, selecting random colors, and setting alarms.

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