Chief Kontour Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Clamp Mount

Carried in international Apple Stores and available through other shops in the United States, Chief’s Kontour Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Clamp Mount (€460/~$610) might look expensive, but can actually be had here for less than half the list price. This beautiful aluminum mounting solution will be a big hit with people who use multiple monitors: it can hold two at once, including iMacs.

Since this is a VESA-compatible mount, it’ll work with Apple’s old Cinema Displays, as well as the 21”, 24” and 27” iMacs, and the Thunderbolt Display—you’ll need to add $60, however, as the VESA adapters aren’t included. Each arm can be individually positioned in space, and gas-spring technology allows for dynamic height adjustment, making it ideal for use when sitting or standing. There’s even cable management built right into the column. If you can afford two iMacs or Apple displays, you’ll probably find the Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Clamp Mount worth the investment.

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