Chronos Lumio

We like some of the wallpapers that Apple ships with Lion, but the selection is limited to just a few dozen different images and a lot of them have been around for years now. If you’re going to replace the background with something new, skip the cat pictures this time and pick up Chronos’ Lumio ($5) instead. With over 250 professionally designed wallpapers, there’s sure to be some legitimately nice images that you can stand staring at for at least eight hours a day.

Instead of just a folder full of files, Lumio has a cool art gallery setup that demonstrates some real design chops. You can resize the images so that you’re looking at dozens of wallpapers at once, or just a few, allowing you to pick exactly the right one. There’s even information about each of the artists linked to their work—a really cool touch. It may be a simple concept, but Chronos got this one right.

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