Cindori’s Command Center ($10) provides some handy shortcut options for those looking to streamline their Mac user experience. Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen with the app running activates the control panel without clicking or exiting another active app. The control display provides one-click access to many commonly used Mac features, including toggles for managing Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, disabling notifications and turning on Night Mode. A streamlined music controller integrates with iTunes (and soon with Spotify) to allow users to control their music without switching between apps.

Flipping over to the monitoring features lets users keep an eye on their power use and battery performance alongside usage statistics for the CPU, RAM and Internet connection. Users can choose the light or dark display style to best suit their preferences, and shortcuts at the bottom of the control panel provide the ability to access system settings, log out, reboot, shut the machine down or put it into sleep mode. Installing the app requires macOS 10.11 or later.