Cirrus Thinking Dolly Drive


Cirrus Thinking Dolly Drive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: backing up your Macs is a must. As seldom as Macs crash, a loss can be catastrophic when it happens. Thankfully, users have tons of backup options. iLounge + Mac has already featured plenty of external hard drives that utilize Time Machine, as well as online backup services such as Backblaze. Cirrus Thinking’s Dolly Drive is a combination of the two alternatives: it lets you use Time Machine, but backs up to the cloud rather than a hard drive at your place. And it starts at only $3 a month.

You start by choosing the amount of backup space that you need, ranging from 50GB to 2TB; Dolly Drive awards you with an extra 5GB of storage each month, so even if you start with a lower plan, you’ll quickly have more space available. From there, the Dolly Drive software will walk you through setting up the connection to the cloud. Once that’s done, the whole thing will work like it would with a physical drive next to your machine. The software even allows you to make a bootable clone of your computer to a hard drive for extra security. It’s a good option for those who travel or are otherwise away from their desks a lot, but still want the cool interface that Time Machine offers.

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