Claus Zimmermann TieSight

Alright, so you never really learned how to tie a tie. Most of the time, that’s OK, but when you’re about to go for that job interview or show up for a wedding, you need to get it right. Pardon the cliche, but yes, there’s even an app for that now. German developer Claus Zimmermann has released his TieSight ($1) app in the Mac App Store, and it’s a surprisingly cool tool: TieSight uses the camera built into your Mac to show you exactly how to properly knot your tie, while you’re wearing it.

TieSight includes ten different knot types; Half Windsor’s a good starting point for beginners. Once you’ve chosen which one you’d like to use, the app will walk you right through the process, while superimposing the steps onto the image of you from the FaceTime camera. To advance to the next step, you can either make a noise, use a timer, or just click through. You’ll finally be able to throw out those clip-ons, which is surely worth the $1 asking price.

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