Cole Haan 11” Reflective Tote for MacBook Air

Coming in bright summertime colors, Cole Haan’s 11” Reflective Tote for MacBook Air ($250) is sure to appeal to fashion-conscious Apple users who are willing to drop a good chunk of change on a carrying bag. Seen here in blue, this Apple Store exclusive also comes in white and peach variations. The large purse is made to carry an 11” MacBook Air along with plenty of other stuff; at a little over a foot tall, you shouldn’t have any issue fitting books and other items inside.

Reflective Tote is made of a combination of a reflective synthetic material and pebbled leather trim. If you’re walking in dim light, the shiny body should help keep you visible. Inside is a zippered pocket for your computer, and then plenty of left over room for an iPad and other accessories. The two leather straps allow you to carry it over your shoulder.

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