Contract Web Development Fast TM Restore


Contract Web Development Fast TM Restore

Time Machine is an awesome OS X feature—a savior when you’ve lost a file or experienced a hard drive failure. The only real problem is the interface, which requires you to take an animated trip through time and space just to find missing files. Sometimes you just want your data restored without graphical flourishes, and that’s where Contract Web Development’s Fast TM Restore ($6) comes in.

This Mac App Store title ties right into your existing Time Machine backup, offering a visually stripped-down way to restore files that have been lost or changed. It displays all of the backups on your external hard drive for each document; you can use Quick Look to examine them, and restore with just one click. There’s also the ability to “Save As,” allowing you to rename the content or restore it to a new location. It may not be as pretty as Apple’s solution, but that’s intentional, and it gets the same job done.

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