Corning Thunderbolt Optical Cable

We’re not necessarily suggesting you run out an drop more than the cost of an iPad mini on a cable. But if you’re so inclined, Corning is now giving you the ability to do so. Its Thunderbolt Optical Cable ($330) is a solution for a niche market. At 10 meters, it’s much longer than Apple’s standard Thunderbolt cable, yet performs at Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 speeds thanks to the optical technology inside.

Despite differences in internal components, this cable works to make Thunderbolt connections, delivering speeds up to 20 Gbit/s. The fiber optic technology inside was the originally planned implementation of Intel’s Light Peak standard, so it behaves in all the ways you’d expect, with one exception: it doesn’t deliver power. That’s right, you have to provide external power to your accessories if you’re using this cable. It might just be more convenient to rearrange your office.

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