Crumpler Cut, Flock + Pinnacle of Horror Bags

We’re not sure why any company would name a line of bags “Horror,” but that doesn’t change the fact that Crumpler’s Apple-exclusive Cut of Horror ($130), Flock of Horror ($120), and Pinnacle of Horror ($130) are pretty nice ways to carry your Mac. All three are made of heavy-duty polyester with a water-resistant coating, and come in tan, black, or blue. Flock of Horror will hold up to a 13” MacBook, Air, or Pro, while the other two are large enough for 15” Pros.

Cut of Horror is a backpack, with brushed nylon pockets and an easy-access iPad pocket on the front. Flock, on the other hand, is a satchel-style shoulder bag, with the same general construction. Finally, there’s Pinnacle of Horror; it’s pretty much the larger version of Flock. If it’s time for a new bag, hop on over to your local Apple Store or to check these out.

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