Crypteks Crypteks USB

If you take the security of your data extra seriously—or you just really liked that one scene from The Da Vinci Code—then Crypteks’ Crypteks USB ($130-$160) is probably right up your alley. This fully funded Kickstarter project is more than a simple flash drive. It features 256-bit AES encryption that’s controlled by the hardware cypher encasing the drive.

Crypteks USB has five rings on the outside that can be set to any password you’d like; there are 14,348,907 combinations. Putting the right one in doesn’t just allow you to slide the drive out though, it actually communicates with a chip in it and decrypts the data. To top it off, the thing just plain cool looking. Crypteks is currently offering 8GB and 16GB versions, and expects to ship them before the beginning of 2012.

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