D-Link All-In-One Mobile Companion

Disappointed that the new AirPort Express lost it’s wall wart status in favor of traditional plug? D-Link’s All-In-One Mobile Companion ($100) is showing up at just the right time. An alternative to Apple’s portable router, this little guy hooks directly into your outlet without additional cables. It doesn’t have quite as much going on under the hood but it’s still a pretty impressive device.

All-In-One Mobile Companion functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot, router, or repeater depending on your needs. It doesn’t have a dual-band connection like the AirPort family, instead using a single 2.4Ghz frequency along with support for up to 802.11n. With the company’s free iOS app, you can stream files on drives plugged in to the USB port and it can also be used for iPhone charging.

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