Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac

Click click click click click. Hear that? That’s the sound of Das Keyboard’s made-to-be-loud Model S Professional for Mac ($133), which is now available for preorder at a $20 discount. A modified version of the PC keyboard that’s been around for a few years now, this black slate is inspired by IBM’s Model M with mechanical switch keys that ensure you’ll hear every single key press. It’s not designed to look particularly Mac-like, but the glossy black shell does go nicely with the glass bezels of contemporary iMacs.

The keyboard has a full 104-key layout, including a number pad on the right and function keys along the top. One feature it beats Apple with is a one-touch sleep function key, which is smart and convenient. One arguable downside to Model S: it isn’t wireless. There’s a 2-meter USB cable that should provide enough slack for cable management on any desk, and Model S includes a two-port USB hub, which is particularly handy for syncing and charging your iPhone or iPad.

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