Double Fine Productions Stacking


Double Fine Productions Stacking

When Double Fine Productions is attached to a game, you can pretty much be assured that’s it’s going to be inventive, fun, and at least somewhat weird. Stacking ($15) is no different. Having first been released on consoles, and then Windows and even Linux, the studio’s Russian stacking doll game has now found a home in the Mac App Store. In it, you play as Charlie Blackmore, the world’s tiniest nesting doll; that should give you a sense of the type of humor these developers bring to their games.

Somewhat like the LEGO games that’ve been so well done over the past few years, Stacking has you jumping from the body of one stacking doll to another, as there are more than 100 with unique abilities. Your goal is to save Charlie’s family from the evil Baron, exploring puzzles within detailed, steampunk-styled environments. Included with the game is a free expansion pack, The Lost Hobo King, which adds additional dolls and a new stage.

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