Drobo Drobo Mini SSD

It’s not always easy to travel safely with self-created media content. Downloading from the cloud can be time-consuming, and traveling with stacks of external hard drives only expedites an inevitable disk failure. Enter the Drobo Mini SSD ($1,199-$2,999), an updated version of the Drobo Mini that can store up to 4TB in four drive bays.

Drobo Drobo Mini SSD

It has no moving parts, which is perfect for a traveling creative professional.

Featuring Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connections, the Drobo Mini SSD also has an mSATA accelerator option, backup battery protection and—like all Drobos—allows for single- or dual-disk redundancy. Weighing under three pounds, it’s ideal for traveling with large quantities of data that may need to be dumped off quickly.

A 1TB version sells for $1,119, with a 2TB version at $1,799, and a 4TB version at $2,999. If you prefer to load it up with your own drives, $449 will get you an empty, ready-to-go chassis.