Dropbox Mailbox for Mac


Dropbox Mailbox for Mac

When it was released for the iPhone and the iPad last year, Mailbox took the iOS world by storm with its unique and streamlined approach to e-mail management on the go. Users with overflowing inboxes striving for “Inbox Zero” nirvana came to appreciate the ability to quickly and easily file messages away or defer them for later with straightforward swipe and tap gestures. The missing piece for many power users, however, was access to the same e-mail management features from the desktop—although Mailbox tied into a standard Gmail or iCloud account, users were left to look for a web interface or other e-mail client while sitting at their desk. That’s now changed with the public beta release of Mailbox for Mac, giving users the same powerful mail management features across both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Mailbox for Mac is currently only available in a limited public beta; much like the original iOS release, Dropbox is going with a staged rollout that serves to avoid overwhelming their servers while also generating additional demand for the product. Users can download the app right away, but you will need to sign up for a “Betacoin,” which you will need to drop into the app before you can begin actually using it. Mailbox for Mac will be readily familiar to any user of the iOS app. All of the same features are present for deferring and filing messages, however the Mac version also brings support for synchronizing settings between devices via Dropbox, including support for draft messages synced in the same manner. A new defer option is also available allowing users to send a message to the Desktop or Mobile platforms rather than deferring to a specific time—a really handy feature when you want to get something out of the way on your iPhone but know that you’ll need to deal with it when you’re back at your desk. No information is yet available on the final release date or what the pricing will be, if any, and Mailbox for Mac remains in development with Dropbox still encouraging feedback from users on its features and functionality.

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