Droplr, LLC Droplr

Droplr, LLC Droplr

Ever since the launch of the Mac App Store, our computers’ menu bars have been filling up with handy new icons. The most recent addition to the bunch is Droplr (Free) from Droplr, LLC.

If you’re familiar with Linebreak’s CloudApp, then this one is going to look very familiar: it’s an incredibly easy way to share links, images, documents, and more. 

As with other persistent helper applications for the Mac, Droplr nestles an icon at the top right of your screen so it’s accessible at all times. When you want to share a file with someone, simply drag it onto the icon and the app will automatically upload it to its servers.

Droplr then provides a short link—automatically copied to your clipboard—that you can share with whomever you’d like. We like the ability to automatically upload screenshots using a custom keyboard shortcut, a feature that comes in handy quite often, and there are also plugins for a number of other apps.