Electronic Arts SimCity

Coming a few months after the bumpy launch of the PC version, Electronic Arts will be releasing SimCity ($60-$80) for the Mac on June 11. Available only as a digital download, the game comes at a delay because EA isn’t just porting the game; it wrote a native version for OS X. This newest version of the simulation game is the most advanced yet, giving you control from the macro level, all the way down to individual Sims.

SimCity allows you to control up to 16 cities at a time, and each one can have its own specialization. Maybe you’ll choose a tourist town, or a college town; each choice has consequences. Buying the Mac version of SimCity gives you license to use the PC version, and vice-versa, so if you happen to see a good deal in the meantime, don’t hesitate in making the download. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes four extra character and city sets.

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