Emiel Janson Dialogue

Emiel Janson Dialogue

Apple’s OS X Messages application lets you communicate through text with iMessage users, without ever having to touch your iPhone. Developer Emiel Janson’s Dialogue ($7) offers similar functionality for phone calls. Using Bluetooth, it connects to any phone, and allows you to place and receive calls right through your Mac.

On top of that, it lets you record phone calls, and save the audio files right to your machine. There are a few major caveats, however. 

In the app description, Janson warns: “for good and stable audio quality, you need to use a headset.” This is definitely true, as trying to use the app with speakers results in a strong echo effect that really drags down the quality of calls. In most situations, you’d be better off just connecting a headset directly to your phone.

However, the call recording works well if you plug a headset into your Mac, and may justify the purchase of Dialogue for some users. Just be sure you know the laws in your area; call recording might not be legal under some circumstances, depending on where you live.