If your home network is getting so complex that you need an app to monitor it all, Spot Maps ($34) from Equinux could be the solution to help streamline things. Spot Maps scans your network for active computers, smartphones, tablets and an array of smart home devices, including support for Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, Homeatic and Nest Cam. Once discovered, devices can be positioned with an easy drag-and-drop interface to create a custom map of your network. In Live Mode, the map determines the status of devices, displaying information about which ones are active and able to issue a notification if devices go offline. You can’t control your smart home devices from your map, but it will tell you which devices are online and which aren’t at a glance.

Devices can be sorted by operating system, services offered or availability. Spot Maps can also create multiple maps of your network, allowing for sorting by location, floor or device type. Transparency settings allow for a customized look and objects can be moved to front or placed in the background for clarity’s sake. As far as sharing goes, maps can be exported as PDF, JPEG or PNG files, shared via Mail, AirDrop or Messages, and even printed the old fashioned way.