Evernote Skitch

We almost recommended Skitch last week, but as interesting as the screen capturing app was, the $20 price tag was a pretty big turnoff. What a difference a week can make: the company just got purchased by Evernote, and the price dropped by a full 100%. Now that it’s free, there’s absolutely no reason not to hop on the Mac App Store and pick it up right now. It’s a pretty darn powerful screenshot tool—way more beefy than shift-command-3 or -4.

With Skitch open, you’re given pixel-level control of what you’d like to select. Once you’ve snapped your screenshot, you can annotate, place shapes, and doodle all over it. From there it’s a piece of cake to name save the file with eight different extensions, and to share the images through services such as Twitter. Of course, full Evernote support is now included as well. When you’re not using the app, it lives in your menu bar, ready for quick access. Very cool for a free app.

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