Fabrix Black Suit

Pinstripes are classy and classic. If you’re rocking the pattern on your suits, now you can carry it over to your MacBook, too, thanks to the Black Suit ($46-$50) from Fabrix. Available in sizes ranging from the 11” MacBook Air to the 15” MacBook Pro—that’s the more expensive version—this sleeve will show everyone you mean business.

Black Suit has a small leg up on the most basic sleeves. Your computer fits into a quilted, padded pocket, while a Velcro-lined flap keeps the whole thing shut. On the back there’s a secondary opening; inside you’ll find three additional hidden pockets. Two of them are iPhone- or Magic Mouse-sized while the third is a bit narrower. It’s perfect for day trips and can fit in a briefcase, if you don’t want to hold it in your hand.

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