Feral Interactive Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ultimate Edition

The gap’s shrinking between the release dates of big console/PC games and Mac versions, as demonstrated by Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ultimate Edition ($50), published by Feral Interactive. First released in August 2011, the prequel to the popular series has now landed in the Mac App Store, and is ready to be downloaded by anyone who meets the—admittedly high—minimum specs.

Set 25 years before the original, Deus Ex uses a first-person perspective for the majority of the game. It puts you in the shoes of former SWAT commander Adam Jensen following his cybernetic augmentation. As you play, you build up different parts of his body as you see fit. Included in this special edition are a handful of expansion packs, a “making-of” documentary, a design and concept art book, motion comic, soundtrack, and three trailers. So long as you have a Mac with a dual-core 2GHz processor, 4GB of RAM, 256MB of graphics RAM, and 17GB of free space, you’ll be ready to get your game on with Human Revolution.

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