Feral Interactive Lego Marvel Super Heroes

It’s done it with Star Wars, it’s done it with Harry Potter, and it’s done it with Lord of the Rings. Now, Feral Interactive is bringing the Lego treatment to Marvel’s super heroes with, well, Lego Marvel Super Heroes ($30). Set in Manhattan, this title is full of the trademark Lego game humor we’ve come to expect, plus over 100 playable characters, including both heroes and villains.

The title brings together characters from many of Marvel’s various properties, including The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more. As you jump into any of their mini-fig bodies, you get to take advantage of their powers, such as web-slinging and shooting bolts of electricity. Included with the download are two DLC packs, which add more characters and gameplay features. For anyone who likes Marvel comics, Marvel movies, LEGO, or any combination of the three, this strikes us as pretty darn cool.

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