Feral Interactive SEGA Superstars Tennis


Feral Interactive SEGA Superstars Tennis

We can almost picture Sonic saying, “hey, I want in, too!” as he watches Mario and his crew playing tennis. Now he has his chance, as SEGA Superstars Tennis ($15) brings together the company’s flagship character and his friends in a fun take on tennis. Expect more than grass and clay courts, and simple serves and volleys. This game travels across crazy levels, with all sorts of fun gameplay features.

Every character has his or her own special moves, and they’re not just from Sonic. The players come from games such as Super Monkey Ball and more obscure titles like Space Channel 5. There are a number of minigmes for a variety of styles of play, and multiplayer support for up to four at a time. If you’d like, you can even use a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller.

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