Feral Interactive XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition


Feral Interactive XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition

One day, we’ll hopefully live in a world where major games make their Mac debuts alongside their PC and console counterparts. Until then, we can be thankful that big titles do pop up in the Mac App Store only a few months later. The most recent such release is Feral Interactive’s port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Elite Edition ($50). Winner of multiple game of the year awards from 2012, the turn-based tactical role-playing strategy game will likely be welcome on many Macs, even with its huge 13.47GB footprint.

XCOM is a remake of 1994’s UFO: Enemy Unknown, and is set during an alien invasion on Earth. You’re tasked with fighting back against the aliens, while building out your base. As it often does with its ports, Feral Interactive includes all the extra content that has been released; in this case, you get the Slingshot and Elite Soldier Pack add-ons, plus the Second Wave update. The Elite Edition is available in the Mac App Store now.

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