FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Pro 13


FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker Pro 13

Bento may be gone, but FileMaker, Inc. is still plugging away at its flagship product, and has just introduced the newest installment, FileMaker Pro 13 ($179+). Coming in various packages—upgrades or new installs, downloads or discs, standard Pro or Pro Advanced—it’s the latest version of the database software that works across platforms. While it’s not a consumer-level product, or at least not for most consumers, businesses may consider it as a useful organizational tool.

FileMaker Pro 13 didn’t just get a new coat of paint, but the design is certainly one of the selling points. We’re not only talking about how the app looks, but also the themes and styles it lets you use in creating your databases. A big part of the upgrade has to do with iOS. Now, when creating entries, you can format them so they’re optimized for iPad or iPhone screens, which is a big advantage for those using the system on the go. On top of it all, the security features have been enhanced.

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