FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker 15

Apple subsidiary FileMaker, Inc. has beefed up its custom app software substantially in FileMaker 15 ($329), introducing new tools to streamline the app creation process, and to help users who want to get more out of their iPhone. Red highlighted text now identifies problem areas in Script Workspace and a multiple undo feature allows for instant recovery of scripting work. The top call statistics-logging feature now diagnoses slowdowns separately from other operations, so developers can continue to use their apps at the same time. Simple licensing options provide ways for teams of five or more to gain access to the FileMaker Server and share information in real time.

The new version also has far better integration options. The ESS Adapter now connects to more External SQL Data Sources—including PostgresSQL and IBM DB2—providing more flexibility. And FileMaker Server now supports SSL certificates from nine popular vendors in addition to intermediate, subjectAltName (SAN) and wildcard certificates. On the security front, proactive warnings notify users when they’re trying to connect to hosts or websites with invalid security certificates, and a new concealed edit box hides any sensitive information users don’t want displayed on their screen.

The new version also includes access to custom apps through FileMaker Go 15, a free iOS app that finally integrates FileMaker’s capabilities with the iPhone in simple to use terms. Touch ID integration gives developers the means to quickly and securely access their custom apps with the touch of a finger, and 3D Touch support enables quick access to specific apps. New app extensions allow for cloud-based file sharing for more mobility, and iBeacon support offers location-based data from any custom app. FileMaker WebDirect lets customers use their mobile phone to access FileMaker apps in a web browser.

FileMaker Pro 15 is available on FileMaker’s site, with an advanced version that adds more development and diagnostic tools available for $549. The FileMaker Go 15 app is available in the App Store for free, but only works in conjunction with the purchased Mac software.


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