Firemint Real Racing 2

Many times, when a game is ported from iOS to the Mac or vice versa, the only difference in the experience is the screen you’re playing it on. Frankly, even if that were the case with Firemint’s new Mac App Store release of Real Racing 2 ($13), we’d be more than OK with it. We found the tablet version to be pretty impressive, especially when played on the iPad 2. Firemint took the same winning formula and added some new controls, so it looks like the developer has another success on its hands.

Just like the iOS version, Real Racing 2 is a gorgeous racing game with dozens of officially licensed cars. The levels are spread over 15 locales, with everything from speedways to city circuits. What’s really cool are the controls. You can use your mouse and keyboard, but you also have the option of steering with your iPhone or iPad. Both touch and tilt controls are supported, making for a more realistic experience.

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