Fishlabs Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

It may be one of the more expensive Mac App Store games we’ve featured, but Fishlabs’ Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD ($20) is also one of the most gorgeous. As an upgraded port of the iOS title, the German developer took advantage of the more powerful Mac platform and really refined the experience. Don’t worry: you still get to blow plenty of stuff up in space, but now everything’s a lot prettier.

The game puts you in the spaceboots of Keith T. Maxwell as he pilots a ship through the galaxy. Aerial combat is a big part of the game, but there’s also a complex trading system and lots of mining to be done. All in all, you can expect over ten hours of gameplay. All of the graphics have been redone for the Mac, with the 3-D models now presented at up to four times the original iOS resolution, as Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD now plays at a full 1080p. Like a lot of the more intense games out there, this one needs a lot of Mac horsepower; make sure your system is up to snuff before dropping the money on it.

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