Flipside Wallets Flipside 3X


Flipside Wallets Flipside 3X

In an ideal world, our iPhones would already have replaced our wallets for almost everything, holding credit, debit, and ID cards as data rather than plastic. But with Apple’s Touch ID sensors limited solely to iTunes Store purchases via the iPhone 5s, and Passbook making only slow progress towards holding tickets and passes, it looks like we’ll all be using physical wallets for some time to come. That’s why we sought out Flipside Wallets last year, falling in love with its hard plastic, spring-loaded, RFID-shielded model 2X. This month, the company released a new model called Flipside 3X ($40), and it’s quite literally the best modern wallet design we’ve been able to find—something we will always carry along with our MacBooks, and one that’s notably offered in colors to match the iPhone 5c.

3X changes from 2X’s smooth plastic body texture to a more scratch-resistant, grippy texture, updates the previously incredible spring-loaded locking system with additional support, and redesigns the cash compartment to accommodate even more cards—eight cards plus 10 bills, still with RFID shielding for two of the main card slots. A redesigned detachable clip on the outside now uses a rubber band to hold either 3-4 business cards or 10 bills, and 3X is still compatible with Kick, a $10 external attachment capable of holding 3 more cards more securely inside.

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