Fox Digital Entertainment Predators

Putting aside the Alien vs. Predator movies, the techno-vicious Predators have always been pretty awesome, especially as a counterbalance to the purely animalistic Aliens. Luckily Robert Rodriguez didn’t blemish the Predators’ reputation with his 2010 take on the franchise. So now, they’re starring in the Mac App Store game Predators ($5) from Fox Digital Entertainment.

As one of the beasts, your goal is to kill the humans who are trying to hunt you, as well as three different kinds of Berserker Predators. Over 31 levels presented from a three-quarter overhead perspective, you gain abilities and weapons. No, you don’t get to chop up Topher Grace but swinging those arm blades around is still pretty satisfying. And yes, there’s Thermal Vision, along with stealth vision. Not bad for a bargain title.

Nick Guy

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