Frictional Games Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When it comes to video games, the term “fun” can be pretty subjective. Some people are content to stack blocks and watch lines disappear, while others want to shoot everything in sight. Then there are those who get a kick out of being scared to death—or close to it. If you fall in to that group, Frictional Games release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($20) on the Mac App Store is sure to come as frighteningly good news.

Amnesia is a first-person exploration adventure game set inside a creepy castle full of monsters. You don’t have any access to weapons; instead, you must hide and run away from the creatures and solve puzzles to move on. A big part of the game is managing your character’s sanity. Spending too much time in the dark or interacting with monsters takes its toll, and causes hallucinations that affect gameplay. Achieving certain objectives and even just spending time in the light helps keep your sanity in check. Frictional Games recommends that the proper setting for the game is a dark room, with your Mac’s gamma adjust and headphones on.

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