Funny or Die iSteve

The Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, and Aaron Sorkin is writing the screenplay for one based on Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Apple’s late CEO. It’s not surprise that so many artists want to have their chance to tell the story of such an influential man, but what is surprising is who’s going to be the first with a wide release. Comedy video site Funny or Die will release iSteve (Free) tomorrow, after being delayed due to the bombing in Boston.

Starring Justin Long—yes, Mac from the Get a Mac ads—as Jobs and Lost’s Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak, we can’t say that our hopes are too high for this one. It’s a comedic take on the life of Apple’s founder, with the producer saying “even the harshest fanboy critics will be able to laugh with us.” The movie isn’t one of the small, three- to four-minute clips the site is known for; it’s a full length feature. Whether it’s good or not is yet to be soon, but it’s free. Why not watch it?

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