G-Technology G-Drive 3TB

Whenever readers ask us about our favorite hard drives, we always point to G-Technology’s G-Drives—Mac-matching aluminum bodies with workhorse-caliber Hitachi disks and reliable Oxford 934 chips inside. Now G-Tech has released a 3-Terabyte version of G-Drive ($350), the highest-capacity version yet. Like its same-named predecessors, G-Drive 3TB runs quiet thanks to a fan-free cooling system, and has ports on the back for USB, FireWire 800, and eSATA connections, plus a FireWire 400 adapter in the box. Yes, G-Drives are way more expensive than plastic-bodied competitors with lower-grade hard disks inside, but they’re the ones we pick for archiving our most important photos and videos. And they’re preferred by professional video editors, as well.

In addition to the legacy FireWire 400 adapter, G-Technology includes FireWire 800, USB, and eSATA cables in each package, along with a power supply, so the G-Drive is ready to be used straight out of the box. It’s Mac-formatted, too, and easy to stack on top of other G-Drives. We know from experience: we’ve bought 500GB, 750GB, 1TB and 2TB versions in the past, and continue to use them years later without problems. Here’s hoping for a Thunderbolt version with the same chassis design in the near future.

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