G-Technology G-Drive ev SSD


G-Technology G-Drive ev SSD

Remember G-Technology’s G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt? The hard drive docking station comes with two 1TB drives, but since they’re swappable, we had a feeling alternatives were coming. Enter G-Drive ev SSD ($500). Coming in April, this drive looks the same as those that come with the dock, but it’s what inside that makes a difference.

Instead of a spinning hard drive, G-Drive ev SSD is packing a 512GB SSD. One of the cooler things about this system is that the drives can be used as standalone devices, or in the dock. Used by itself, the USB 3.0-equipped drive can get transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s. Pop it in the dock, and you can take advantage of Thunderbolt, bringing that number up to 480MB/s. If the price is too high for you, there’s also a 500GB version with a traditional hard drive coming this month for $100.

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