G-Technology G-Drive mobile + G-Drive mobile USB

It’s not a secret, but many people aren’t aware that premium Mac hard drive maker G-Technology is actually a division of Hitachi—so when Hitachi releases new drives, updated G-Tech products generally follow. We’ve already highly recommended the company’s G-Drive 3TB—just now becoming available in a 4GB version—as our go-to desktop drive, and now some of G-Tech’s portables have been updated, too. Thanks to Hitachi’s new 1TB Travelstar 5K1000 2.5-inch drive, both the G-Drive mobile ($200) and G-Drive mobile USB ($180) will soon be available in 1TB versions.

Although the bodies of the drives aren’t changing at all, we still really like their industrial designs. G-Drive mobile is a bit thicker than its USB-only counterpart, but includes two FireWire 800 ports for those who need faster transfer speeds or the ability to daisy chain their drives. Naturally, both drives are bus-powered and support Time Machine out of the box; the big change is merely the desktop-class storage space that they let MacBook users carry around on the go.

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