G-Technology G-Drive slim

Walk into an Apple Store looking for a backup solution and it’s likely that G-Technology’s G-Drives will pop out at you: Hitachi’s sub-brand has great and well-deserved placement, as the drives are high-quality inside and out. We have a particular affinity for G-Drive slim ($110), a crazy thin option that matches our obsession for the MacBook Air. Starting this July, it’ll be an even better value: along with a handful of other drives from the company, it’s getting updated to support USB 3 just in time to plug into the brand new Macs announced at WWDC.

G-Drive slim is only 0.39” thick—just 0.02” thicker than an iPhone 4S—yet packs a full 500GB of storage space. The aluminum body looks great and offers nice protection for the hard drive inside, yet is light. This time, the USB 3 hardware will allow for transfer speeds ten times faster than USB 2, as well as providing power to the unit. Given G-Tech’s track record, this seems like a great deal for users needing extra storage space.

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