Gallotti & Radice Air Desks


Gallotti & Radice Air Desks

In the right designer’s hands, glass and metal office furniture pairs spectacularly with Apple’s glass and metal Macs. The Air Desk series ($2100 and up) from Artisanal Italian design house Gallotti & Radice is a clear example – crystal clear, actually, thanks to transparent 12mm tempered glass panes that form the top and sides of the basic Air Desk, the extended Air Desk L, and the smaller matching Air Desk Console. You get to choose from an anodized aluminum, stainless steel, white embossed or black lacquered metal bar to hold the glass together; it can support the weight of current iMacs and all MacBooks.

Gallotti & Radice offers a few cool customization features, including a cable management hole for the Air Desk, L, and Console versions, as well as painted glass tops if you prefer a glossy opaque surface with transparent sides. There’s also a version called Air Desk Hall, designed to be used in an office as a receptionist’s table. That version adds an additional shelf and a barrier-style pane of glass between the receptionist and the visitor. Each Air Desk costs a pretty penny, but serious fans of minimalist, Mac-matching office gear will appreciate the clean lines.

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