Gameloft Gangstar: Miami Vindication

You may have heard the announcement a few weeks ago that Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas, and Vice City are now available on the Mac App Store. The thing is, those games go back as early as 2001 and Rockstar Games is still charging $15 a pop. For less than half that price, you can now purchase Gameloft’s Gangstar: Miami Vindication ($7), the latest game in a franchise clearly inspired by GTA, but now stands on its own after lighting up iOS devices for a couple of years.

Rendered in full 3-D, Gangstar takes you through Miami, Vice City-style, on more than 75 missions, with your overall goal to rescue your little brother—who has been kidnapped—and “defeat” the gang responsible. On the way, there are plenty of vehicles to steal, blow up, and generally use to cause mayhem, and plenty of other side missions to occupy your time. It doesn’t hurt that Gameloft actually hired a scriptwriter from The Wire to help write the storyline. Miami Vindication is not for kids, but adults should consider picking this one up in the Mac App Store.

Nick Guy

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