Gameloft Starfront: Collision

After years of labor to help Macs feel like viable gaming machines, the combination of awesome hardware and the Mac App Store is finally making it happen. Take Gameloft’s Starfront: Collision ($10)—a game that, yes, is incredibly similar to Blizzard’s Starcraft series of realtime strategy (RTS) games. But it’s half the price of the classic title on which it’s based, and we really liked the iOS version when it was released earlier in the year.

In this real-time strategy game you control three different races—one human and two different kinds of aliens—through 20 different missions as you battle your way across the planet Sinistral. The idea is to collect Xenodium crystals, a currency that lets you build buildings and units to command on various battlefields. Starfront: Collision looks really nice, and the level of balance makes it a very solid RTS. Make sure you check your graphics card before downloading it though; Radeon X1600 and Intel GMA 950 cards are not supported.

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