Gameprom War Pinball HD

Pinball machines may have disappeared along with arcades, but they’re still awesome. And since it’s unlikely that you’ll have an actual machine in your house, Gameprom’s digital versions are as close to the shiny steel balls and flashing lights as you’re going to get. We liked the company’s standard Pinball HD for Mac, so it was cool to see the previously iOS-exclusive title War Pinball HD ($3) make the migration to the desktop, too. That’s right: Charlie Sheen and Chuck Norris are together in one pinball game.

Just as with the previous version, the physics are uber-realistic and the tables are rendered beautifully. The big difference is the theme of the tables: like so many of the best-known real-life pinball machines, the three tables here have movie tie-ins. Thanks to collaboration with MGM Studios, you can now play on Platoon, Navy Seals, and Missing in Action tables, each with music art, and sound effects inspired by the classic military-themed movies. It’s well worth the three-buck asking price.

Nick Guy

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