Google Chrome 14

While Apple’s Safari 5 is still our default Mac browser of choice, Google’s Chrome (Free) browser has found a permanent place in our editors’ docks for a whole slew of reasons. The main one? Chrome runs a “sandboxed” version of Adobe’s notoriously screwy Flash Player, which lets us play Flash-based videos when necessary, without exposing the rest of our Mac to the instabilities of the power-hungry and buggy plug-in. Just updated to version 14 with full Lion compatibility, Chrome also integrates really well with all of the company’s services, runs apps, and has a neat combination search/address bar.

In addition to under the hood fixes, version 14 brings with it some features just for Lion users. The browser now supports full-screen mode, as well as the disappearing scroll bars that some people love and others hate. There’s no sign of Resume support yet, but hey, maybe we’ll see that in 15 or 16. After all, those versions can’t be more than a few weeks away.

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