Google Google+ Auto Backup

There are a million different ways now to share your photos, but there are never enough ways to back them up. Google’s hopping on the scene with a stealthy new app that’s only available for download when paired with its Picasa tool. Google+ Auto Backup (Free) takes advantage of the cloud storage space the company offers to users, automatically copying photos from your computer to a Google server. It’s a simple tool, but it’s hard to ignore the value of the functionality, especially given the price.

The single-pane app lets you choose which folders you’d like to have pictures auto-upload from. There are two choices when it comes to resolution: full size, which uses your allotted Google Drive space, or 2048 pixels wide. At the latter size, you can store as many photos as you’d like, without using up your storage. From there, click “Start backup,” and the rest happens in the background. Of course, you can also choose to share to Google+ from there, but your photos are hidden until you say otherwise.

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