GoPro Hero3

With Hero3 ($199-$399), Go Pro has truly taken its action camera line to the next level. Coming in White, Silver, and Black editions, each shares the company’s latest, slimmest body and many of the same features, but different consumer, prosumer, and professional quality specs. Designed to record video and audio that can be edited on your Mac, all three include Wi-Fi, and work with an $80 remote that comes packed in with the top of the line Black professional Edition, as well as the GoPro iPhone app.

Between the three models, photo and video resolutions are the biggest differentiators. White supports up to 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second, with 5MP stills at a 3fps burst mode. Silver has the same maximum video resolution and frame rate, but an 11MP still image sensor at a 10 fps burst rate. Finally there’s Black, which records videos at 4K resolution at a not great 12fps—or 1080p at a more reasonable 60 fps—with a 12MP still image sensor that supports burst recording at 30 frames per second. The body is impressively tiny for what’s packed inside, and the big ol’ button on the front makes recording your stunts or adventures nice and easy.

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