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There were those who were skeptical when Steve Jobs said Blu-ray was a “bag of hurt.” Many people thought the standard would one day come to Macs, despite Jobs’ early resistance. But here we are several years later, and optical disc drives are all but dead now across the Mac family; Blu-rays never were officially supported. However, if you own Blu-ray discs, you likely know there are lot of hardware and software options that allow you to read and play them. There’s also MakeMKV (Free), a tool for ripping them to your computer that works as long as you have the appropriate hardware.

MakeMKV works a lot like Handbrake does for DVDs: it takes the audio and video data from your favorite Blu-ray discs, and transfers it all to your Mac. From there, you can use Handbrake to transfer the movies to your iOS devices or watch them on Apple TV. All the features of the software are free during its beta period.

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