H-Squared Backlit Mini Mount

So you picked up your new Mac mini, but you’ve got to get it out of the way—maybe it’s part of your media center, or you just ran out of room on your desk. One of the coolest options to tuck it away and still show it off is the Backlit Mini Mount ($80) from H-Squared. It’s a really easy, really stable way to mount the tiny computer—and it glows.

Thanks to the easy-access port on the bottom of the Mac mini, installation is quite easy. Simply remove the round panel and switch it with the mount, which fits right in its place. A series of screw holes in the mount allows the computer to then be positioned anywhere, in any orientation—even upside down. This model has USB-powered LED backlights that give off a cool white glow, a nice extra touch for people who want to see a little more of the mini; it even incorporates a cable lock mechanism, something that is missing on the Mac mini itself. There’s also a simpler version for the second-generation Apple TV, and a Mac mini version without the backlight for $60.

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