Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve for MacBook Air

Hard Candy made one of the earliest sleeves for the original iPad—Bubble Sleeve, a cool ballistic nylon sheathe with double zippers running around the thin edge. Now it’s back with versions for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air ($50 each), and they’re just as impressive: sphere-shaped bubbles dot the front and back sides, while repositionable red corner grips hold the Air in place inside.

Redesigned for this version, both interior halves of the case are now soft-lined with black rather than orange fabric, and the bottom’s lightly padded as an offset to the semi-hard EVA-molded frame. Stylish rubber pulls on the metal zippers make the Bubble Sleeve easy to open whenever you want to pull your Air out for a little breather; you can also just flip the case fully open on a flat surface and use the MacBook inside. The price feels like a bargain, too – at the same price as the iPad version, we’d call it an even smarter purchase for the Mac.

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