Harman/Kardon Nova 2.0 Wireless Stereo Speaker System

There’s no question Harman/Kardon has extremely talented designers, and its latest speaker set, Nova ($300), is just the latest example. The beautiful system comes with a pair of stereo speakers, each with a clear body, and either white or black accents. Its various input methods allow you to connect to pretty much every device; there’s a 3.5mm plug to connect to standard headphone ports, optical audio for Apple TV and the like, plus Bluetooth.

Inside each of the speakers, there’s a 2.5” driver and a 1.25” tweeter, putting out 40W of audio power. Knowing how great the company’s speakers have sounded in the past, we have no reason to think these won’t sound just as good. And just by looking at them, we know they’ll make a perfect complement to your Mac.

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