Hex Onyx Premium Capsule Collection


Hex Onyx Premium Capsule Collection

Hex has always been known for nice bags, but it’s pivoted to focus on premium options. The latest family is Onyx Premium Capsule Collection, made up of three Mac bags at $180 each. Available as a duffle, tote, or backpack, each has room for a 13” or 15” MacBook, plus an iPad and iPhone. Despite the different styles, each bag uses the same materials and clearly belongs alongside the others.

Hex uses heavy, water resistant canvas, leather, and cotton web strapping on the outside of its bags, making them quite durable. Inside, compartments are padded and fleece-lined to protect your devices. We quite like the idea of creating three products across the line, to match differing tastes. With the styles being offered, there should be something for everyone.

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